Keneal Graphic Solutions provides custom bar code solutions for your business or personal bar code label needs. Whether it needs to be a specific size or type of material we can help!

Our company specializes in bar code labels printed with variable data—like numbers or barcodes or algorithms. Keneal can produce bar code labels that are engineered with a custom material and design that will be able to withstand harsh environments or temperatures. We even produce bar code labels in different shapes and sizes depending on consumer needs. Whatever your bar code label goal our company can help accommodate.

Our bar code labels can be printed on any type of material you may want. A couple of the more popular bar code label materials:

- Paper Bar Code Labels
- Plastic Bar Code Labels
- Polyester Bar Code Labels
- Vinyl & Other Synthetic Films

Bar code labels are also available in different adhesive types such as:

- Permanent Bar Code Labels
- Removable Bar Code Labels
- Cold temperature Bar Code Labels
- Hot temperature Bar Code Labels
- Piggyback Bar Code Labels

Have any questions about our custom bar code solutions? CALL US AT (815) 886-1300

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